How to Celebrate World Swift Day ?

Spread the word

Help tell the world about World Swift Day:

Let the local media know ….tell them about Swifts & why you love them & why & how we need to protect them.

Tell your friends, wildlife associations, neighbours & colleagues too!

Use this opportunity to talk about events you have planned (Swift walks, presentations, exhibitions, animations,…) throughout the year to help Swifts.

Organize an event

Whether a press conference, a walk, a talk, showing a film, having a party, an exhibition, a workshop, singing a « Swift song » contest, an arts & crafts activity,…  There are no limits on creativity. Every means is good to attract attention to our common cause!

Your target groups can be the public, your work place, local school, youth groups, and associations for wildlife…

Share this page on social media and use the hashtag #WorldSwiftDay to join other Swift fans around the world.

Join in this very important action to raise awareness of these fascinating birds, the issues that are threatening their survival and how to save them