June 7, 2024

World Swift Day​

The World Swift Day (WSD) was created in January 2019 by Swifts Without Frontiers.
Every year since then, it has been celebrated around the globe, on June 7… even during “the COVID years”. Since day 1, Dr. Jane Goodall has been an enthusiatic Patron, each and every year!

Swifts Without Frontiers invites all NGO’s, municipalities, individuals, companies, schools and any collectivity caring for Swifts to celebrate that day by communicating about Swifts (whichever species) and by organizing events.

WSD was initially inspired by other World Days like the World Sparrow Day, then by the World Chimpanzee Day. The date of June 7 was chozen as the best “compromise date” between both hemispheres and all the different Swift species of the world.

Meanwhile, it has been celebrated in more than 50 countries, on all continents, covering about 40 different species.