Register now! World Swift Day 2024 is coming up soon!

Don’t forget to register! Individuals, groups, associations, towns & villages – anyone can organize an event.

Wherever you are in the world & whatever the species of Swifts in your area, you can join in!

Whether a press conference, a walk, a talk, showing a film, having a party, an exhibition, a workshop, singing a « Swift song » contest, an arts & crafts activity,…  There are no limits on creativity. Every means is good to attract attention to our common cause!

Your target groups can be the public, your work place, local school, youth groups, associations for wildlife…

If June 7 is on a weekday, it is a good opportunity to organise something within a school, an administration, a company,… If it’s during a weekend, you will have more opportunities with the main public. You may organise an event on one of the days right before or after June 7 but then, don’t forget to communicate about it on D-Day!

If you fill in the registration form, more people will know about it.

Join in this very important action to raise awareness of these fascinating birds, the issues that are threatening their survival and how to save them.

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